Annual New Mexico Photo Art Show

Welcome to the Enchanted Lens Camera Club

The next meeting will be on
Thursday, May. 7th

Our Speaker will be
Craig Wood

We meet at the
State Bar of New Mexico Center
5121 Masthead NE
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Craig Wood

Craig Wood

My interest in photography did not begin with a desire to see the world through a camera. I loved exploring, hiking and diving; simply being outdoors. The camera simply opened a way to create inspired images of our environment and the surrounding landscapes. At first, I was perplexed that many of my images simply communicated what I had seen, which somewhat bored me. However, there were a few images, though, that looked more powerful and exciting on film that what I had seen with my eyes. Without that, I would never have been inspired about the photographic process.

Let's see, where do I begin? Started playing piano at the age of six, won a few music awards and enjoyed an early successful career as a keyboard musician. The creative juices were still flowing at the age of twenty-two. Still wanting to created, I bought a used camera and went on a journey. Realizing that photography was somewhat expensive, I decided a Micro-Electrical Engineering degree from Johns-Hopkins University could help with finances and provide an academic background.

The creative improvisation of music, combined with technical engineering provided a unique and harmonious blend for developing a photographic portfolio. The corporate world seemed a bit stifling and I started producing good images, although the idea of professional photographer had not entered my mind. Having inundated myself with art and photo books, I decided a hands-on workshop with true professional photographers was needed.

Upon entering my first competition at a very prestigious workshop, I won the "Overall Best of Weekend" award. I was invited back and after winning other awards, was asked to teach with the Great American Photography workshops. Photographing the natural environment and teaching allowed me to work alongside great artists including Galen Rowell, Hon Shaw and Pat O'Hara. During this time, a change encounter allowed me to meet world renowned photographer Bryan Peterson. After joining him as his assistant, I knew my passion for photography had changed forever. You cannot ask for a better mentor. He inspired my image making, encouraging me to see light and the world differently. My photographic style continued to grow while working as an assistant, workshop teacher and photographer.

An interest in people, their lifestyles and how they coexist with our environment became, and continue to be , guiding passions behind my present day photography; imagery with an expression of human presence.

Traveling the globe, setting up commercial shoots, working together with clients, models, art directors and graphic designers perfected the business sense I uphold as a professional today, allowing me to succeed.
I’m truly grateful for the people with whom I’ve worked. Now, based in Albuquerque, I continue to create high quality imagery on location, specializing in corporate, editorial, travel and lifestyle environmental portrait photography for the past fifteen years. It is my awareness and spontaneity that allows me to produce unique graphic portraits and imagery that truly reflects the spirit of my clients.

The objective of the Enchanted Lens Camera Club is to provide enjoyment and knowledge of photography to its members through their participation and efforts in club activities.

Doors open by 6:30 pm, presentation starts at 7:00 pm. If you are interested in joining, please arrive early! See the Meetings page for details about our bi-monthly meetings. Our meetings are open to the public and free to attend!

Membership entitles you to:

  • Workshops
  • Field Trips
  • Having your photos evaluated in monthly exhibitions
  • Communicating with members via our email list

Anyone interested in the practice of photography is eligible for membership.

Membership dues are $50.00 per year for individuals and $75.00 per year for couples or an additional family member. ELCC offers a reduced membership rate of $25 to students.

The dues pay for:

  • Speakers and Judges Honoraria
  • Monthly and End-Of-Year Awards
  • State Incorporation Fees
  • Meeting Facility Rental fees

See Club Info for more details about yearly dues and club by-laws.