Annual New Mexico Photo Art Show

Image Upload Form for the Monthly ELCC Exhibition

Use this form to upload your images for the monthly ELCC Exhibitions.   

You must submit your online image(s) the day after each Exhibition (usually Friday) 
up until 10:00 pm Tuesday,  two days before the next Speakers Meeting. 

This form works for both submitting digital entries as well as a digital image of your print entry.
  • You may enter one image in the digital category, and one print in each monthly Exhibition.
  • When entering the Title of your image;  The title of your image must be 30 characters or less
    • Enter only the Title.  DO NOT Include your Group (AA, A, or B) or whether it's Assigned or Open in your Title.  Use characters only  — no apostrophes, exclamation points, question marks, quotations, periods, underscores or other symbols.
  • Digital images must be in JPG format and should be between 2-8 MB in size (in order to be viewed properly by the judge, and to look good on the projector during the Exhibition).
  • Suggest you use sRGB as it will result in more accurate and consistent colors on monitors and Projectors.
  • Check that all fields have been completed before you hit the "upload your image" button
  • Wait 20-30 seconds for your image to upload before  leaving the web page.
  • Your Print must be brought to the Exhibition booth at the first meeting of the month. The back of the Print must be marked as follows, for example;        A-Open-Red and Green

Images for the December 2017 Exhibition can be uploaded after Nov. 16.  Email me (Barry) at   if any questions,


Confirmation will be sent here


Open Assigned

Print Digital

Large images may take a minute or two to upload. Please wait for confimation. During the upload, it will appear that nothing is happening, we couldn't afford a progress bar. Take a break, make some coffee.

If you are entering two images, (max of two, one must be a print) on the next page, you'll need to scroll down and fill out the form again.