Photography Exhibition Information

Exhibition Co-Chairs: Barry Schwartz and Helen Johnson



    Entering Images Online
    The second meeting of each month is devoted to our Photography Exhibition. Members submit their images using our Exhibition online entry form link below. 

    • You may enter up to two prints or up to two digital images each month. If you enter two of the same media, one must be in “Open” category and one must be in “Assigned” category.  If you submit one digital and one print, they can in the same category of “Open” or “Assigned” or one of each category
    • The Title of your image in the entry form should be 30 characters or less.
    • Digital images must be in JPG format and be 2-8 MB in size (to be viewed properly by judge, and to project well during the Exhibition).  The maximum size of prints, including matting, is 20″X24″.  No glass or frames.
    • We suggest you use SRGB as it results in more accurate and consistent colors on Monitors and projectors.
    • Check that all fields are filled in before you hit the upload your “image” button, and wait 20-30 seconds for your image to upload before  leaving the web page.

    Submit your image(s) using the online entry form (link below) up until 10:00 pm, 2 days before the corresponding months Speakers meeting.

    If you have entered before…

    Images that have been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention during an ELCC Monthly Exhibition or End of Year “Picture of the Year” Award may never be re-entered into a Monthly Exhibition.  Images that have been submitted as “Emeritus”, or have never been awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd or HM during an ELCC Monthly Exhibition, or in the End of Year “Picture of the Year” may be re-entered into another monthly Exhibition and End of Year “Picture of the Year” one time. Images that are re-entered should have the same title as the original entry.

    About Our Exhibitions

    Each month we present a different judge from among the top photographers in the Albuquerque area. Having a professional critique of your work is a great way to improve your photographs and learn from critiques of both your images and those from other members.

    While the main value is his/her educational critique, images are also scored by the judge, who awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and Honorable Mentions in each of the Groups (Divisions B, A & AA) and Categories. Images are scored using merit points for ribbons awarded; 100 points for 1st place, 70 points for 2nd place, 40 points for 3rd place, and 20 points for Honorable Mention. Judges will be asked to critique each print and projected digital image based on their judgment of the photographs with regard to originality, creativity, composition, technical quality, and impact.

    New and less experienced photographers and those who have not entered many images into Competitions or Exhibitions usually enter in the “B” Group. More experienced photographers, including those who regularly enter into Competitions and Exhibitions should exhibit in the “A” Group. The most accomplished photographers, including professionals and those who routinely sell their photographs, are best served in the “AA” Group. Members who have won many photographer of the year and picture of the year awards and in the AA Group may want to consider an optional move to the AA-Emeritus subgroup.  These moves must be made by September 1 of each Club Year. 

    Photographer of the Year Awards

    Photographer of the Year awards are given to those persons who have the overall highest average in the B, A, & AA Groups, having submitted at least 8 images, with at least two of the eight images being in the “assigned” category.  Digital image merit points are averaged with print image merit points, with 100 points for 1st place, 70 points for 2nd place, 40 points for 3rd place, and 20 points for HM.  Photographer of the Year Awards are also given to persons having the Highest “Assigned” and “Open” averages, with awards given to the 1st place winners of each Group (B, A, & AA) for both the “Assigned” and “Open” categories.  Members must have entered at least 6 images in the respective categories for the Assigned and Open awards.

    Overall High Average Awards

    Awards are given for ribbons awarded during the monthly exhibitions, is also recognized.  These awards are given for 2nd, 3rd & HM in Groups B, A, & AA.  “Overall High Average” awards are an average of all images submitted during the year by persons who have submitted at least 8 images, with at least two of the eight images being in the “assigned” category. Digital image merit points are averaged with print image merit points.

    Promotion to the Next Highest Level

    These Promotions are based on the “Overall High Average” awards (see above) for persons who are in the top 20 percent of the B and A Groups – they will be promoted to the next higher Group and this will be announced during the end of year awards ceremony.  Persons with the Highest Overall Averages in the AA Group will also be recognized at the end of Year Awards ceremony and are encouraged to enter the Emeritus Group.

    Picture of the Year Awards

    Awards are given in each Division (Digital and Prints).  In addition, “Overall Picture of the Year” are awarded to the member(s) whose images are selected by the End of Year judging team to be the best of both the Print and Digital images. These awards are given to each Group (B, A, & AA). NOTE:  Images from Emeritus are entered and judged with the AA Images.  In addition, “Picture of the Year” awards are given out for and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Each member may enter up to three images in a Division (Digital, Prints) for a total of four images. The images will be submitted before or at the last regular club meeting of the year and each must have been entered in one of the monthly Exhibitions of that Club year, though they need not have placed (won a ribbon).

    About Our Exhibitions – continued 

    All entries must have been exposed by the entrant. For any image that has been produced using photo-editing software. all major parts of the image, except for a digitally-produced mat, must have been captured by a camera.  There are also two categories for Exhibition entries – Assigned and Open.  The judge should include in their critique how effectively the assigned category was expressed in the image, and this may have impact on their scoring of an assigned image.

    Images must not contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit (e.g., nudity), political, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.  To be accepted for any Club competition, exhibition or for posting on the Club’s website, an image must be an original work by the member and cannot contain, as its principal subject matter, the original work (for example, from a painting, sculpture, photograph) of another. These determinations will be made by the ELCC Exhibition Chairperson, or President. The ELCC reserves the right to refuse or exclude any image at its discretion.

    The maker must have photographed all significant components of an image.  Digital images must not show the makers name when they are projected. You may not embed a copyright notice in the image so that it shows when projected.  You are not required to delete your name from the metadata including the copyright information.

    Exhibition Results and Awards

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