Annual New Mexico Photo Art Show


Mid-Week Marauders

Would you like to...

  • get your camera out and use it more often?
  • go to places you've seen in other people's photos?
  • spend some time with people who share your interest in photography?
  • accumulate photos for a portfolio or competition?
  • enjoy the opportunity to learn about photography from others and then use what you've learned on the spot?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Mid-Week Marauders is just what you have been looking for! Many ELCC members join together to go to interesting places to take photos, have a good time and share knowledge. Reading a book or attending a seminar is great, but nothing replaces sharing tips and techniques while actually shooting! 


Local ELCC photography trips are done in conjunction with Mid-Week Marauders. The Mid-Week Marauders are a group of individuals who participate in weekly or bi-weekly photo trips to locations in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico. The members are usually members of the Enchanted Lens Camera club, but membership in the club is not required for participation. The group runs on a no reservations/no regrets basis. The Marauders schedule is listed on the ELCC Calendar.

The Mid-Week Marauders "No Reservations/No Regrets" BasisThis means that after the announcement of a trip, it is never necessary to confirm one's attendance at the trip. Confirmations are not needed, as the trip will proceed with or without attendees and keeping track of attendees. Similarly, no confirmation of cancellation is required; as such cancellation will not change the trip schedule. Occasionally a trip will not follow this format, but it will be made very clear in the pre-trip information that sign-up is required.
The Mid-Week Marauders trips are on the Club's Calendar as well as communicated through Club e-mail.
The Mid-Week Marauders in Galisteo on one of their frequent weekly field trips.