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Mentorship News

Mentorship classes are one of the many wonderful things offered by the Enchanted Lens Camera Club (ELCC) for members.  Each month we present seminars which are free to all members.  The Mentorship Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the offices of Dekker/Peritch/Sabatini, 7601 Jefferson NE, Suite 100, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109.   Most of these classes are "come one come all".  Occasionally, however,  there might be a hands-on class that can only handle a limited number of people.  Those will be classes you will need to sign up for and a sign up sheet will be provided.  

Mentorship sessions are designed for everyone from beginner to experienced photographers.  We cover all sorts of topics.  While we do not provide in-depth instruction in various software products or camera techniques, it is our goal to widen your photographic experience.  We give you exposure to topics, and let you decide if you would like to delve further into them on your own.  In the past our topics have included such things as:

and many, many more topics!

Beyond the Tuesday sessions, on the last Thursday of the month (usually!) LeRoy Perea delights us with his Casual Critique where members can have their photos critiqued by him and members of the audience.  These are a treat not to be missed.

We hope to see you this year, both at club meetings and Mentorship sessions.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.  Be sure to check the club calendar for each month's offerings.

Mark Werner                                                                                                                                         
Mentorship Committee Co-Chair                                                 


One-on-One Help

Some of our experienced members have offered to do one-on-one training with newer members.  Below is a list of those volunteers, their contact information, and the programs they can help with.  So go ahead and contact them and see what you can set up. 


Contact Info


Helen Johnson -Assistance with Photoshop, Nik Filters and Compositing Images
  • Individual or in small groups
  • Helen will help people in her home or yours

Bob Martin

-Assistance with Photoshop Elements and Lightroom
  • Beginning and Advanced Users
  • Integrating and Interfacing between these programs
-Artistic and Technical Suggestions
-Bob will help people using the computer in his home

Jerry Goffe

-Workflow, including Photoshop & Breeze Browser Pro
  • Beginners through Amateur
-One-on-One help with newer photographers in the field.
-Understanding all four modes of exposing images
-Assistance with Canon Equipment

Judson Rhodes

-Lightroom through latest version
  • Understanding the Lightroom Import and Catalog functions
  • One on One learning at your computer
-Mentor to newer photographers.
-Familiar with Nikon DSLRs and Windows-based Computers
-Available for telephone consultation .

Christopher Barber
-Willing to mentor newer photographers.
-Can instruct in using human subjects for editorial and portrait photography
  • Studio and Open Air settings
  • (no nudes or boudoir)
-Advanced Amateur photographer (Nikon and Lightroom experience); portrait photography emphasis

Jeanne Schnoor
-Willing to help new users become familiar with shooting in fully manual mode
-Assist new users with the following:
  • How to properly clean a lens
  • How to care for your camera
  • How to properly change lenses
  • Provide a short list of “must have” items that are inexpensive but will protect your equipment
-Jeanne uses and is familiar with Canon equipment

Kenneth Ingham
-Specializes in cave and scientific photography and can assist with the following:
  • General lighting related issues
  • Technical planning and advice on how to improve photos in caves
  • Technical planning and advice on any place primary light is off-camera flash
  • Advice on how to improve photos of science and science in action
-Assistance with open source image software Gimp and Darktable
-Also can give assistance with Canon cameras
Bob Weber
-Photoshop tutoring
  • One on one or small groups
  • Intermediate level and above
  • Asks that you have started layers and be curious about masking and other topics
-Advanced Photoshop Users
  • Welcomes the idea of exploring together what Photoshop can do
Tye Hardison
Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Filters
Beginning to Advanced techniques

Can assist with the following:
  • Camera Basics:  Exposure, White Balance, Lens selection
  • On and off -camera flash
  • Editing your photos on an iPad or Tablet using Snapseed
  • Shooting Events, candids, portraits
  • Matting and framing photos
Available during the day on most week days and weekends.