Mid-Week Marauders

The Mid-Week Marauders are a group of individuals who participate in monthly photo outings to locations in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Attendees are usually members of the Enchanted Lens Camera club, but membership in the club is not required for participation. The group runs on a no reservations/no regrets basis. The Mid-Week Marauders trips are on the Club’s Calendar and communicated by Club e-mail.

Plan for the Mid-Week Marauders
Effective Club Year 2021-2022

–  Offer a monthly outing in and around Albuquerque on a Wednesday. Per the Boards request, we will avoid having a Marauders’ outing or Zoom slideshow adjacent to another Club activity that is on the Club Calendar.  NOTE: Occasionally, an outing will be a day trip within a maximum two hour drive each way from Albuquerque.

–  Outings will be outdoor venues, although there may be an option to go indoors for a part of the venue.

–  We will extend an offer to eat together after Marauders’ outing, choosing restaurants, when practical that have indoor and outdoor eating. We may also have an occasional “picnic” where people bring their own food. The Club will furnish water and soft drinks.

–  We will use a modified hybrid approach consisting of one theme associated with the months outing that may be photographed at any recent time and location.*

–  We will continue the popular monthly Zoom slideshows.

–  Each person may submit three images to a Zoom slideshow, typically held on the Tuesday following the Marauders’ Wednesday outing.

–  Persons attending Marauders’ activities are usually members of the ELCC, however, membership in the club is not required for participation.

—————- Barry Schwartz and Gary Lamott, Mid-Week Marauder Co-Chairs  —————-                                  * A hybrid outing approach and Zoom slideshows developed to address Covid concerns has met a need of many members to share their images and the story behind it without critique and in a relaxed environment. It also allows those unable to attend an outing the opportunity to share their images of the theme.

Mid-Week Marauder

Come on an outing with the Marauders !

 Would you like to…

  • get your camera out and use it more often?
  • go to places you’ve seen in other people’s photos?
  • spend some time with people who share your interest in photography?
  • accumulate photos for a portfolio or competition?
  • have fun while you learn about photography from others and try out what you’ve learned?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Mid-Week Marauders is just what you have been looking for! Many ELCC members join together to go to interesting places to take photos, have a good time and share knowledge. Reading a book or attending a seminar is great, but nothing replaces sharing tips and techniques while actually shooting!

Upcoming Outing  

– Wed, May 18, 10:00am – noon
–  Lewis Antique Auto & Toy Museum in Moriarty, located at 905 US Route 66 West.                              –  Optional lunch afterwood at Chili Hills Restauant in Moriarity, located at 1805 US Route 66 West