Mid-Week Marauders

The Mid-Week Marauders are a group of individuals who participate in monthly photo outings (mostly on  Wednesday) to locations in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Attendees are usually members of the Enchanted Lens Camera club, but membership in the club is not required for participation. The group runs on a no reservations basis. The Mid-Week Marauders trips are on the Club’s Calendar and communicated by Club e-mail.

The Mid-Week Marauders    

–  Offer a monthly outing in and around Albuquerque, usually on  Wednesday

–  The regular monthly utings will usually be outdoor venues, although there may be opportunities  to go indoors.  There may be additional outings, above and beyound the regular monthly outings.  These bonus outing may fall on a different day of the week then Wednesday.

–  We will extend an offer to eat together after Marauders’ outing, choosing restaurants, when practical that have indoor and outdoor eating

—————- Barry Schwartz and Gary Lamott, Mid-Week Marauder Co-Chairs  —————-                                 

Mid-Week Marauder

Come on an outing with the Marauders !

Attend a Marauders Outing if you want to:
· use your camera more often
·  go to places you’ve seen in other people’s photos
·  spend some time with people who share your interest in photography
·   accumulate photos for the Club’s Photography Exhibition, Portfolio or other competition
·  have fun while you learn about photography from others and try out what you’ve learned

October Outing

Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 10:00 am at the historic Luna Mansion, located at 110 Main St SW, Los Lunas, NM 87031.  There is a $10/person fee to cover expenses of this special opening for the club. We can eat lunch across the street at the also historic Wittwer home, now Teofilos, a very good Mexican restaurant.   We can return to the Luna Mansion after lunch and shoot until 2:45 pm.