Portfolio Project

The Portfolio Project is a project-oriented approach to photography. Small groups meet monthly, with each participant working on a collection of images based on a chosen single topic, idea or concept. This is a long term project (9+ months > infinity).

The sign-up for the portfolio project begins with an information session in June, with a new session starting in September though June of each club year. During the summer, participants choose and develop their topic/idea and write an Artist’s Statement. Participants are assigned to a group with a leader and the small groups start meeting monthly. The small groups will also meet with an expert reviewer for feedback and critique. The Portfolio Project ends with a Showcase of participants’ portfolios at the last Speaker’s Meeting of the year in June.

We will feature and showcase different portfolio groups from last year’s presentation, throughout this club year.

Maria Baca
Portfolio Group Coordinator

Allen Bourne
Harriet Neal