Treasurer’s Page

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Maintains records and custody of Club funds and dues in a professional and timely manner.
  2. Records Club Income and discharges Club expenses; maintain records thereof.
  3. Prepares periodic reports of Club finances.
  4. Prepares an Annual Budget.
  5. Pays annual fees, files annual reports and pays fees required by the State of New Mexico.
  6. Serves as a member of the Executive Board and coordinates with various Chairpersons.
  7. Manages the Master Membership List.
  8. Adds and removes members to and from the ELCC GOOGLE Email Group list.
  9. Manages the ELCC Photo Sharing Group on Flickr.

Quarterly Treasurer Reports

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ELCC Google Email Group (List)

How We Use the ELCC GOOGLE Email List

We intend the ELCC GOOGLE Email List to be the principal method of communication among the Board, Chairs and Members-at-Large. The List contains the email address of each ELCC member, which allows everyone to communicate with the entire Club population at once.

When you join ELCC the Treasurer automatically adds you to the ELCC GOOGLE Email List. Expect Club emails to begin appearing in your inbox soon after.

* The email address you used to register as a member is the one to which we send Club emails. If you prefer to use another email address, please advise the Treasurer who will make the change for you.

* If you are a couple but submitted only one email address and you want each to receive their own emails, please send the other person’s email address to the Treasurer.

If you decide that you DO NOT want to receive ELCC Email messages, Please DO NOT self-unsubscribe from the List. We keep a close watch on the number of members on the List through a reconciliation process, so if you no longer want to be on it, please advise the Treasurer who will unsubscribe you.

If you would like to post a message to the Group, simply send it to Please add this to your address book! This sends your message to the entire Club membership. Our friendly GOOGLE Group Moderators review messages for appropriateness to the Club. We delete messages intended for one person but sent to the entire membership.

If you click “Reply” or “Reply All” to one of the emails, your reply will go to the entire membership UNLESS you change the “To:” email address to only the person you’re replying to.

Please Do Not Forward:

* Jokes, politically oriented or religious-themed articles

* YouTube videos (unless they are about photography). Just copy and paste the URL into an email and provide a brief description

* Problems you may experience with the Website

* Emails or PowerPoint presentations that may contain copyrighted material


* Don’t copy text from a website and paste it in an email or as an attachment. This is also a copyright violation. Please just post a link to the website.

* Please don’t reply to the entire group just to say “Good job” to one specific member. We delete those messages.

The Daily Digest

The “daily digest” is a way of reducing the number of individual emails you receive from the group. When subscribed to the digest version, you will only get one email per day, and in that email will be all the emails sent to the group in the last 24 hours. GOOGLE presents emails as text messages to scroll through, reading one after the other. A disadvantage to the digest is that you may not get a time-sensitive email in time, for instance, if you send an email mid-day concerning tonight’s meeting, you may not get that until the next day.

ELCC Flickr Photo Sharing Group

The ELCC Photo Sharing Group on Flickr

Flickr continues to be one of the foremost sites on the web for new and experienced photographers. Flickr is a place where some of the best photographers display their work, and the world-wide community it reaches is impressive.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is an American image and video hosting service, as well as an online community. It is not intended to be a place where images are offered for sale. Flickr was created in 2004 and is a popular way for amateur and professional photographers to host high-resolution photos, but Flickr is not just for professionals. Even those who have a casual interest in photography can post to and peruse the digital galleries and discover creative photography.

Why should I join Flickr?

We encourage every ELCC member to join Flickr, create their own personal Photo Stream and post in the ELCC Photo Sharing Group where you will see only images made by ELCC members. Posting in the Group is restricted to ELCC members, and you must make a request to the Moderator to be admitted.

How do we use Flickr?

Our ELCC Photo Sharing Group was created for and exists so that individual members can share their work with other Club members and at the same time see and enjoy the work of fellow members and encourage them in their photographic journey. Only ELCC members are allowed to post in this Group. It is not a place where we critique other’s images so you can feel comfortable uploading and sharing.

What if I post to other sites?

We know that many ELCC members use various other websites to display or sell their work such as 500px, Google Photos, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Behance, Instagram and\or Facebook and others. Unfortunately, if you use one of these sites for your images and do not advise your friends and acquaintances in ELCC, they may never see your work. The sole purpose of Flickr is to see and be seen.

How can I upload\access Flickr?

There are several ways. IMO the best way is if you are a Lightroom CC user and have authorized Lightroom to upload directly. Finished images of any file type (.psd, TIFF or JPEG) are first added to your personal Photo Stream folder. Clicking on the Publish button immediately sends your images to your Flickr Photo Stream, from which you can then add them to other Groups.

Is there a cost for Flickr?

There can be. Joining and posting to your Flickr Photo Stream is free, but there is advertising. Once you have a Photo Stream, there is no cost to posting in the ELCC Photo Sharing Group. If you want to avoid the advertising, you can become a “Pro” member by supporting Flickr directly. Flickr offers a free photo/video cloud storage plan and paid plans for $5.99 (USD) a month or $59.99 (USD) a year which averages $5.00 (USD) a month.

How can I get Flickr help?

You are an ELCC member. Help is always available, no matter what your issue is. Contact the Flickr Admin at or


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