Thu, January 2, 2020
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7:00pm [7:00pm] Speaker's Meeting

Speaker's Meeting

Speaker: Art Bova

Topic: Boat Travel Photography

Eric Jones and many of our members have asked about Boat travel photography from Cruise Ships to Rafts and Canoes. Since most of the world (71%) is located on waterways, getting there requires travel by boat if you want to see the whole world.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic there is so much to see and photograph. In China and Europe, there are waterways that get you to the center of town to explore fascinating sights. 93% of Australians live on the shores of its continent which will be covered in this presentation.

Besides Australia, we will cover sights in Greenland and Iceland along with unique sights that require boat travel in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore, plus Komodo Island and Bali and others.

Some folks might say that "why would you go on a Cruise and pay big bucks and just drink, eat and be merry with 5,000 people". I would not advocate this nor propose it.

I would encourage people to photograph unique spots like Puffin and floating Glaciers plus get help from experts on board and shoot food & entertainment photography in some novel ways. Visit Cruise Direct and Vacations to go and travel to all 7 continents, 50 states and over 100 countries. Look forward to enjoying yourself at our next meeting.
Art Bova - Photographer

About the speaker:

Art is probably our longest serving member, having joined in the early 90s, served as President and volunteered for many projects.

He has won many awards from Enchanted Lens, the National and local Professional Photography of America associations, Image Photographers of the SouthWest and world wide competitions of the Photography Society of America and its related like Photography Organizations around the World in six continents (Antarctica does not have any contests).

He has over 72 feet of ribbons won if you lay the ribbons side by side. He has an award from National Geographic Society and is published in National Geographic Traveler magazine. He has won 1st place in Europe at its biggest Photography contest. He learned not to be an American entering English contests because they are used to muted colors and not our vibrant colors of the American Southwest.

Some local awards include IPSW Best of Show and the Photographers Award plus 6 Fuji Masterpiece Awards from PPANM as well as 6 Medals from Global competitions. After sufficient Star awards and reaching Galaxy status, Art stopped competing Internationally because of the time and bookkeeping commitments.

But let’s not glorify him, just enjoy the photography available from ships and we you can get to to photograph such as Australia.