Speaker's Meeting


Speaker: Daniele Di Stanio

Topic: Computational Photography

Daniele Di Stanio Bio:

Daniele Di Stanio is a professional trainer and e-learning manager based in Rome, Italy, with more than fifteen years of experience. In 2021 his practical online color correction workshop turns ten years old. Hundreds of colorists from all over used his platform to challenge each other, correct originals, and watch videos with their results compared. The goal of this e-learning experience is not just to understand all the technical details of a workflow, but especially to educate in reading, evaluating and producing a good post-production. He also served as a colorist for several high-profile photographers and founded a movie production company. Daniele spends his free time cooking, gardening and tending a fifteen year-old border collie from a shelter.

More About Daniele Di Stanio:
  alberodelcolore.com, Founder
  colorduels.com, Founder
  fabbricacinema,com, Founder / CdA

Location Zoom Presentation
Date Thu, April 1, 2021
Time 7:00pm-9:00pm MDT
Duration 2 hours
Priority 5-Medium
Access Public
Created by Committee Chair
Updated Sun, March 21, 2021 11:20pm GMT
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